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2770 Wadhams Road
Smiths Creek, MI 48074


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RPF Oil Company has set the standard for excellence and professionalism in Southeast Michigan for over 90 years.

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We specialize in the sale and delivery of gasoline and pride ourselves on giving our clients personalized, one-on-one service.

We supply gasoline and diesel to over 100 Michigan gas stations, and server as a fast-response commercial fueling partner for many businesses throughout southern Michigan. We distribute kerosene, diesel, ethanol-based gasoline, and E-85 to our growing list of customers.

Our services

RPF expertly combines comprehensive station branding programs, price-watch, keep-fill and fuel delivery by way of our in-house owned and operated fleet. We keep your station in supply, maximize your ROI, and optimize your costs to ensure you see real benefit to your bottom-line.

Customized solutions for your peace-of-mind and smooth station operation day-in and day-out.

Fully-managed solution so you can focus on your business without worrying if you'll have product.

From start-to-finish, RPF's program is perfect for all dealers regardless of size, stage, or future goals & objectives.

Strategic design partners building on over 80 years of experience, RPF offers dealers a blueprint for long-term success.

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